Paulini Design A Girl?!

Like the title says, design a girl! You can draw her in any outfit, and she can be of any age (no infants though), origin, size, background, etc.

Easy enough, right?

However, the girl must have green skin. (Yes, you heard me.) And she must be drawn in full body.


Maximum of two submissions per person.
No plagiarism please.
No nudity.
It must be coloured.
You can use traditional or digital media.
Have fun!

I will be judging based on creativity and effort.


1st place - A gold medal + gift + I will sign your guestbook + I will subscribe to you (if I haven't yet) =D
2nd place - A medal + gift + I will sign your guestbook =D
3rd place - A medal + gift =D
& three honourable mentions

You have one month.

I look forward to your entries! ;D

Participants, please take some time go through the challenge, especially its requirements. I mentioned "green SKIN," not "green tinge" or "green hair." If you think that your entry does not meet them, you can edit it till the challenge is over. There are some good entries, and I wouldn't want them to be disqualified just because they didn't follow the rules.

Have a good day, and best of luck.

I used the spoiler tags here just for an emphasizing effect. Due to some problems, I have removed them. I apologize for any confusion caused.


1st place - Sacrificed908
2nd place - Natsu nii
3rd place - Wakusei Aoshi

Honorary mentions
4th place - rosel D
5th place - Sabriela Hellena
6th place - maji de

Thank you so much for participating! For the rest, don't worry, there's always another chance. =)

'Till next time, folks! =D

0 members Favoritefavorite
13 entries
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Challenge completed
O.O GREEN ~Sacrificed908
It's a girl! XD ~Natsu nii
Cherry Green ~Wakusei Aoshi
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