Kirobug Project FANTASY Cover!

This Challenge is for Project FANTASY members only, all entries from non-members will be disqualified. And no, you may not join Project FANTASY.


Draw all of the member of Project FANTASY on a cover looking cool and whatnot. Headshot, halfbodiess, fullbodies, whatever you want just include all the members!
Put the title 'Project FANTASY' on the cover, preferably in the Kingdom Hearts font but any other font is fine.
Submit your entry from the Project FANTASY account, be sure to put your username in the title so we know which entry belongs to whom!

And here's a list of the members of Project FANTASY and the OC they're using for the Project(some have ref link and others don't, if you have one for your OC please link me so i can update it)!
UnknownRumors- Noah
FUNimation- Rei
Icefoxchan- Aranane
Ryuchu- Gemma
MewMewPudding- Komaru
Keyblademewkasa- Takari
Harvestmoonluvr- Naomi
DetectiveDiva18- Lucy
ikarebear- Haeven (2nd Ref)
khismylife- Summer


Rules and Stuff:

No stealing or tracing!
Include all of the members!
Uhhh the basic stuff!
All, both traditional and digital is accepted!
There are no prizes, but the winning cover will be used on the Project FANTASY account for the manga there. Everyone else will make a cover based on the winning cover for the mangas are their accounts.


You have three months, my little FANTASIES. SO GET MOVING.

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