All in one

Hehe Hey! It's another challenge!

Here's what I want you to do! Take a few of your favorite anime/manga/video game characters and pick out the pieces of them you like! Like say I like the body of Gaara (Naruto), the clothes of Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), and the hair of Lavi (D.Gray-Man) that would be what I would draw.


  • Please, in the description of the picture, name which parts go to which characters.
  • Any art medium is accepted.
  • Colored? Black and white? Don't care! It's accepted!
  • NO OC'S! You can't use them at all! It has to be based off of REAL characters!
  • Respect theO rules! PG-13!
  • You can Cross dress your characters. The hair of a female and the body of a boy, vise versa.
  • Entry limit? Go crazy with the drawings! Im not stopping you!
  • You can't just have the face of one character, and the body of another! Have variety!
  • Please dedicate the fanart to me so I can know you entered!
  • No copying.


1st place: Medal and a colored drawing of anything you want
2nd place: Medal and lineart of anything you want
3rd place: Medal and e card of whatever category you want (funny, romantic, sad, etc.)

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Angel of Death ~rosel D
All in One entry ~twiliwolf
All in One (Colored) ~envythejealous
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