Rosie Chan Your very own NEKO!!!

Okay! Just as the name suggests, you need to draw a neko.
But! You need to try your best at trying to make it look like you...or your friend or whoever you know. I dont know anybody you know so im just going to take your word for it.

Next up:
* Has to be a neko
* Can have multible neko's
*Under Otaku's rules

Im not really going off points but what will give you a great chance at first place. Im judging off of creativity, time and color. If its just a plain guy or girl is cat ears, just standing straight with a vest and some pants...NOT creative. Try putting him or her in a pose of some sort with a fancy outfit that you might want to wear...I know what im talking about
Anyway, if you dont have a lot of detail, you probaly didn't put a lot of time into it. And I LOVE color. It makes the picture stand out.

1st place-A shiny golden medal,2 gifts,subscribe (if i havent already )sign on portfolio and a through check on fanart and world (means commenting on almost all of them)

2nd place-A shiny gold medal,gift,subscribe,sign on portfolio

3rd placeA shiny gold mesal,subscribe

It dosn't matter how good the painting is, if you've been drawing a year or your whole life. Im judging on detail and time. So anyone can have a go :D


_Neko, Neko, Neko Natsu Nii
_Neko Me~! Sasoriofredsand
_...Nyan? ReignofRed

They were all really well done. Thank you for participating in this challenge :D

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Neko Neko Neko.. ~Natsu nii
Neko ME~! ~sasoriofredsand
...nyan? ~ReignOfRed
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