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Sora Final Form Remastered
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About a year ago (not exactly, but close) I did a pretty nifty fanart of Sora in his Final Form from KH2. Well, recently a friend of mine wanted to buy it from me, but I didn't really want to part with it, so I offered to draw her another one . . . and now I'm attatched to this one toooo! ToT Uwah, I don't know which one I wanna give up! *le sob* I think I'll just present her with both and let her make the decision for me . . . Um, anyways, this one is quite similar to the last, but there are a few key differences. 1! The pose is not referenced this time, meaning that while I used a picture to get patterns on his clothes and such right I did not directly copy the pose. 2! The background is different! Instead of swirly things I have flowing floaty things! 3! This one is heavily influenced by my style! Nyan, I'm still pleased and uber attatched to this, so be gentle, neh?

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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