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Aviana: 0018

The 4th member of my cyborg team! Her name is Aviana Link, called Ava for short. She is the great niece of Jet Link a.k.a our beloved 002. Ava was captured when she was at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Her brother Gino was the leader of the Jets gang after its successor was shot by a member of the Puertorican gang. Gino promised to get revenge on them for killing their leader. Gino planned a surprise attack the next day but one of the Puetorican gang members heard about the plan and told their leader and they planned a surprise attack of their own. When Gino and Ava were sent off to pick up groceries they were both attacked by a few members of the Puetorican gang and a fight began. Gino took them out in order to protect his younger sister. Black Ghost came to the scene pretending to be policeman. They tried to get to Gino but he fought back, killing one of them in the process. Black Ghost then kidnapped Ava while Gino was pinned down. After being transformed into a cyborg she was given the ability to channel energy and conduct it into anything, from forming barriers to shooting energy blasts. With this ability she is also able to fix machines that run on electricity just by touching it. So far a relationship between her and her teammate Makani has started to develop. Her teammate Rose will kind of teases her about it but she's willing to get Ava closer to Makani in any way possible. (I've completely dominated the cyborg 009 section now haven't I? ^^;)

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