(Fan Art Portfolio) Dkt: 1 Hissy Fits -language-

Dkt: 1 Hissy Fits -language-

WARNING: LANGUAGE! But it's too late isn't it? XD I love Thatz XD SO! My first TRUE piece of Dragon Knights art :3 I am very happy XD. I was just thinking, in the book, they talk about training [vol. 10], but you never see it. Why? Because they pissed and moaned about it like Thatz did here XD. Right, so now my explanations of my crappy art XD. First time in a long while where I actually colored it the "Old Fashioned Way" [or even colored it at all and not on lined paper XD]. The fountain's rim, what Thatz is sitting on, was supposed to be gold. I tried to make it shiny. So wither you think it's gold or stone, I don't mind XD. And Rath's in the back only because once I finished Thatz and Rune, I had nowhere to out him XD. There's going to be another one, and it's going to be Ruwalk, Alfeegi and KaiStern in all their handsomely-aged-eye candy like-selves XD. I wish I could credit the person who I got all the info from, but I found the information a few years ago and no longer have the site. It was ALL Dragon Knights, and it gave you info on EVERYONE all from their personality to their eye color. Drawing reference: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 16, 18 & 21. ________________________ [c] Mineko Ohkami [c] me

Dragon Knight Fan Art
alfeegi, kaistern, rath, rune, ruwalk, thatz
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