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Thanks To My Special Friends
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This was my thanks to all my "special friends" on Deviant Art for giving me 50,000 hits! Well, I almost have 54,000 hits so I'm a little late.^^'' But better late then never, aye? I knew I wanted to do a drawing with the Animaniacs but didn't know what I was going to have them be doing so I thought it would be rad to have them mix with a famous anime character and dub that character as their "special friend." Anyone who remembers the Warners knows that "special friend" dubs that person as being "tortured" by them to the point of insanity. I figured, Inuyasha would be the perfect target for the Warners since...well, it's Inuyasha.:P Medium: Outlined in Bic pen Prismacolor colored pencils Prismacolor colorless blender All done on smooth matte paper

Crossover Anime and Manga Fan Art
animaniacs, dot, inuyasha, wakko, yakko
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