sweetdevil (Fan Art Portfolio) A Ride On A Fairytale

A Ride On A Fairytale
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*sigh* Blame the size limit for the small picture ._. The original one was 1400x2000, and it looks better, but whatever.

Indeed, it's another W.I.T.C.H. fan art, adapted by me, like the last one. Only this one is coloured! I thought I'd try colouring it and I like the result :] Of course, the colouring was done in Photoshop, whilst I drew the picture myself, inspired by the cover of one of the W.I.T.C.H. magazines.

What more can I say about it? Oh, it was VERY DIFFICULT to find a title for it! So I just named it after the song I'm listening to ^^" (Infernal - "I took a ride on a fairytale"), although there's no real connection between the two things o_o"

I added more shades on the hair, to give it more depth ^^ The highlights in the hair (those lines) are made by eraser (lol) a.k.a. by hand, so no PS on that part. I made the eyes more detailed as well, but you can't really see that here T_T

Oh well, hope you like it, and please don't hesitate to comment on it! I love feedback! ^^ Thank you in advance!

W.i.t.c.h. Fan Art
cornelia, disney, fairytale, witch
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