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Rocky And Maria
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this is probly gonna be my last story pics till summer cause my internets gonna be gone till then... anyways heres a story with maria in it... and marias still alive! XD rocky opened her hazel eyes "where am I?" she asked "I remeber shadow... sonic... and then... a big bam...OH YES! the exslosion!"she said jumping up "im alive? what about sonic and shadow?!" she said worried "who?"a girls voice said "what the hell?!"rocky screamed "watch you laungedg..."she said amidging from the shadows "your jest a kid... who are you?!"rocky screamed "my name is maria..." she said smiling "oh...mines rocky..." she said smiling back they both started walking into endless black "rocky..."maria said "yes?" "you kinda remind me of my friend..."she said "friend? is he cute?" she asked "yes... I MEAN NO I MEAN!...mabye..."she blushed. "ohhhh! -.-."rocky said "ok hes REALLY cute..." she blushed harder "I have a... crush to..." she said "really? is he cute?" maria said "yes! HES MY BOFRIEND! NOT ANGELS OR SUNSETS! HES MINE MINE MIIIINE!"she screamed "oh um sorry.." she said blushing from acting like amy maria laughed "I feel the the same way too! XD"she laughed rocky looked at her then grabed her hand "whats this?! rocky?"maria said running "come on sis! lets get outta here and into a brighter place!" rocky said running with maria "whats all these lights?" maria asked "wishes"rocky said stopping "wish for anything maria! anything!"rocky said with her grin marai closed her eyes and thought and right away there was shadow right by her side. They where on earth maria blinked her eyes then shadow turned into rocky "wow... that was amasing..."she said in shock "rocky?"maria said rocky had closed her eyes she was in her old base with the comander and beth "beth?"rocky asked "yes?"her teacher said "why is the lotenet so mean to me..."she asked tears roling down her eyes. "hes mad because you are a better soldger then him..." she said holding rocky like a small child rocky barried her face in beths arm letting out a wave of tears. beth stroked her head "beth..." The word eacoed thourgh her head "beth.." much clearer now "BEEETH!!!"rocky screamed "oh god! oh thank the good god!"amy said holding rockys hand rocky looked al around "are you ok?"cream asked "oh god! your awake! someone up there must really likes you rocky!" sonic said "we though you where dead!" tails yelled "what happend? wh-where am I?" rocky asked a tear came down knux face (-.- knux likes rocky) "a bomb had gone off and you sonic and shadow got hit..."he said "shadow?! where is he?!" she said panicing "hes in the next room" rose said "rose? your here? wheres jenny and angel?" she asked "angels in shadows room.." she said rockys head sunk into her pillow "oh..." she said "and jennys there to" she said giving rocky her worried look rocky looked at sonic "your arm!"she said pointing to the bandged spot "its nothing big..." he said blushing rocky touched his arm gently "was that from the blast?" she asked "yes... but...I..."sonic almost said rocky got him in a flying hug "rocky wha?!-" "IM SORRY! its my fault the bomb wint off! its my fault you and shaodw are hurt!"she cryed everyone looked at her "rocky! rocky..."sonic said patting her back "its ok big sis..." he said putting her back under her covers "maria...beth..."rocky said under her breath "huh?" everyone said "oh! um nothing"rocky said blushing "well...I think rocky sould gets some more rest.." tails said "I think I sould have more lines..."knux said (sorry! XD it was calling my name) "well... goodnight sis" sonic said patting her soulder and walking out the door rocky then soon wint ito a deep sleep... "maria... beth..." The end I was playing never alone when I made this! XD well... see ya all in the summer! XD or... tomarrow on a school computer! XD

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