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Kevin -Seiken Densetsu 3
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For those that don't know, Seiken Densetsu 3 was a sequal to the Secret of Mana game that came out on the SNES, the series now more commonly known as "Legend of Mana". SD3 never came outside of Japan, which is a shame because it was a really good game, and debatably better than Secret of Mana itself (the battle system was much quicker for instance since the weapons would automatically charge the more hits you delt rather than hold down the button to have it charge in SoM making battles drag out longer)

Anyway, Kevin here is known in the game as a "beastman" aka: a kind of werewolf who never wanted to fight in a culture surrounded in a vengeful race plotting against the humans. Trained in the fighting of a grappler He leaves his homeland seeking revenge on his father, the king of all beastmen, for causing Kevin's only wolf-pup friend to become rabid forcing Kevin to fight in his beast form for the first time and killing the pup.

As for why I drew him-- Kevin's an interesting character to draw, and I like his design. I've drawn him a few other times back when I was first starting out here at the Otaku. The style of the drawing is of course, different than what I normally do xpx but it was interesting to mess with the style for once. Oh yeah and only REAL men wear pink fur on their clothes lol

Seiken Densetsu 3 Fan Art
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