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PART 2 TO MY "NARUTO'S SEXY JUTSU!" PICTURE! FOUND HERE: http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/194624/naruto%2527s_sexy_jutsu
Alright, so after being badgered so much to make a sequel to my most popular picture on DA, i agreed and came out with this one! this one has Sai, and Oro-want-to-get-inside-your-body-maru! hope it meets everyone's expections!

And no. They're not naked. Seriously.

And ya, Orochimaru creeps me out too. And ya, i think Sai's random word is wierd too, but whatever...

(C) character belong to Kishimoto

PS: Seriously, I dont CARE if you don't like Naruto, don't look at it. And NO, I don't care that it looks like S*it, at least I'm improving. Jeezus.

PSS: Can anyone tell me how to delete stuff from my portfolio?

Naruto Fan Art
gaara, kakashi, kushina, minato, naruto, orochimaru, sai, sasuke, yondaime
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