Clozimodo (Fan Art Portfolio) Chillin' like a Villain

Chillin' like a Villain

Hey people! ^^
This is gunna be my last upload till god-no's when ^^
I did this yesterday in school during P.E cause i'm not allowed to take part for a while. So i was drawing instead.
I decided to just do Zouski (green hair) and Thomas (red) in all their diff outfits and stuff ^^
(cause they love being "trendy" and stuff, and cause they're mates with Robyn, she makes em loads of stuff anyway - i could go on for hours)

Not really good colours or anything, but i was doing quite a few in an hour lol!
So yeah... - but i like how the graffitti turned out!! ^^

Btw, Thomas might look like a basket baller but it's his least fave sport. He prefers veggin on the beach or hittin the waves ^^
(Veggin - pretty much being lazy)

And they're both kinda in school gear. (Tom's in his P.E kit)

So yeah lol!

Oh, and cause i don't think i'll be able to take part in the contest, i'll still advertise so here goes... *ahem*

If your wanting to take part in random contests to show off your drawing skills, just for the heck of it, or something to pass the time.
Go to contest world found... Here!

(that was my first ever made link!! wow! ^^)
Anyways, i'd best be going now, cause i'm gunna be going soon so...
Wish me luck! ^^
And have a great weekend everyone! ^^
XxX Chaz XxX

P.S. "Chillin' like a villian" is cause i've been playing Urbz and one of my ixels is that ^^

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