Clozimodo (Fan Art Portfolio) Brotherly love

Okay... so... i could've called this Spring cleaning but, i kept remembering one of my friend's comments on one of my one-shot stories

"love the
'awww how cute brotherly love' thingymabob lol


because i was being cruel to Zouski by letting Asuka (his lil' bro's name) dream of him! haha! (i covered it incase some ppl are squeemish lol!

Oh, and it's Michael who says it lolz.
So yeah... my rubbish attempt of a spring cleanin scene lol!
Nii-chan + Otouto u guys should no what it means...
oh, and Zouski's cleaning Asuka cause Asuka decided to try cleaning the mud hehe! And he is meant to be sat on a table, but i was too lazy to draw a background x3(btw, Asuka is my friend's character - i just draw him)

urmmm... next pic is gunna be from another "Quote" my friend pointed out from my daft stories...

" "Asuka is ON TOP!!! WOW!! Soooo CUTE!!“

^^^ LOLSS best bit in chappie 4 XD

that made me giggle lots"

the "quote" this time was Robyn...
Story goes, Zouski bets Asuka he wont kiss a guy in public... Asuka jumps Tyrone... I'll let you guess from there lol!

Mebbe i should put the not-so-rude ones up?
Nywayz, cyas!
XxX Chaz XxX

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boys, brother, brothers, cleaning, dudes, guys, meh
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