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Okay so this pic was completely random, that started off as a doodle at school... and well... yeah... ^^
Hopefully the pic isnt too confusing... saying that... i don't really know whats happening myself lol

They are supposed to both be guys but i cant draw long haired men very well :S
But it's not meant to be yaoi, just one looking out for the other (tho if ya want it to be it can be lol)

Ermm... i think the image came from 2 songs that i'm currently obsessed with...
Agel of darkness (hence purple winged angel)
Send me an angel (hence "light" angel helping out the "dark" one)

And then i figured it's kinda like a pure-breed accepting him, even if he isn't... well... pure-blooded lol! ^^

If anyone fancies having a go at colouring it on the comp, the ink version is here but it might be difficult in ways... :S anywayz just tell me if ya do ^^

Hmm... Oh yeah! I'm dedicating this to an awsome Artist cause she rocks and ages n ages ago, they dedicated one to me! Soooo...
Here's to...
XxI wuv PockyxX
Even if it's not as good as some of yours, i felt i should return the favour once i had a nice enough pic ^^
(btw, does this answer your music question? lol)

Lastly, was dun with a pencil, rubber, black pen, and purple,blue,pink and white pencil crayons ^^

Enjoy lolz!
XxX Chaz XxX
P.S. Tell meh wot ya think! ^^

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angel, angels, blue, purple
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