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Bishie Sketch Dump
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Okay I was trying out a new style I’m still unsure about it but I was practicing...drawing bishies...I admit my own shame…and I admit Adam’s apples are :heart: I had fun drawing this :p incase you can’t read cause I know I wouldn’t be able too laws
1.first attempt at my new style EPIC FAIL (Zetsubou Sensei from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei :heart: ) Side Note: The Suxorz
2.My own Character Caramel pop which very little people will know...if you have an Otaku account you know who he is it’s better than number one but not very good. Side note: SUCKS
3.there is no three I erased it have got to love the empty Space :heart:
4.-9 just testing out some eyes
10. Another try at Zetsubou Sensei :heart: I like this one a lot X3 Sensei…:heart:
Me:…Sensei…*drool* :heart: it says Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei which translates into So Long Mr. Despair :heart:
11. Inuyasha was on last night…I was bored...>__> lawls Inuyasha from duh Inuyasha
Inuyasha: WTF!!??
Me: pretty boy XD
Side note: Looks nothing like Inuyasha
12. KAKIMASU!!!Or A.K.A Kaku :heart: again my own character that UKE XD
Kaku: Aren’t I important enough to draw…?*sniff* *sniff*
Me: Of course you are…*sniff*...don't make that face...*sniff* *sniff*
13. (the Gin one I realized I put 13 on L too...>__>) Gin from Bleach durhurhur Gin stop showing off your Adam’s apple!>///< he’s proud of his Adam’s apple XD
Gin: :heart:
Me: *bloody nose*…@[email protected] Adam’s apple…:heart:
14. (The L one is really 14) L…From Death note...lawls

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caramel, gin, inuyasha, kakimasu, kaku, l, pop
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