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Otaku Ball!!!
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Truth is, the cupcakes were actually...a peaceful race who just want some love and to get, I had made up this random idea below...

Otakunews:The cupcakes are really a peaceful race! Now, the war is over, we can be happy once again, and eat cupcakes without worrying...

Adam:Well, now that war is gone, anyone have an idea to celebrate?

Me:*raising hand and waving it* Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Just pick me bossman!! I have an idea!!!! MEMEMEMEMEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Adam:*sighs* Yes, icefoxchan... -_- I'll let you talk(thinking: as long as you be quiet...)now what's your idea?

Me:I have the perfect idea! TheOtaku cupcake ball! A formal one...

Other otakuites: *murmurs*

Random otakuite:It sounds random, but it sounds like an interesting idea...

Otakuites: Yeah... cool... sorta random....

Adam:Ok, then, who's in favor of not having a celebration at all?

*no hands*

Adam:Who's in favor we just wait to have a celebration at theotaku anniversary?

*few hands*

Adam:Now, who's in favor of an otaku cupcake ball?

*hundreds of hands up*


Adam: Okay, the formal otaku cupcake ball it is! Everybody help with the decor! We shall celebrate tonight with dancing, drinks, cupcakes,other food, and possible romance!!!

Every otakuite: YAY!

Adam:Icefoxchan will do most of the work, anyone have any suggestions for anything with the ball, tell her before the ball starts and she'll see if she can do it!

"end of idea"

I know it's the randomest thing I've ever done, but hey, it's for the end of the cupcake war, after learning about the cupcakes...

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