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Smile For Me - Cast
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>.< I hate drawing guys!
This is a cast lineup of the fanfiction I'm currently writing, called Smile For Me. It's a TalaxOC, sideline KaixOC and BryanxOC eventually (though I need an OC for him s let me know if you've got one! Details are here: in the last chapter.

-Very front: Liliana Ketchnikov, 17, Bryan's younger sister. She's mute due to a tragedy years before, introspective and reserved, but a fierce fighter.
-Second row, left: Christiana Alanna Mikasuke (Chris/Mika-chan), 17, from Japan, outgoing and spirited, lives with Kai due to family circumstances, her secret love and childhood friend. She joins the tournament for very personal reasons.
-Second row, right: Tala Valkov, 18, a lady's man, charming, intelligent. Loves Liliana from the moment he saw her, but is unsure of what she feels, as he is the one who took her brother away from her when they were younger. He lives to make her smile.
-Third row, left: Bryan Ketchnikov, 18, world class blader. Taciturn and silent, he scares most people off by his expression alone. Cares very much for his sister - she is his only weak spot. He fights to get her voice back.
-Third row, middle: Kai Hiwatari, 18, world champion for 3 years. Just as silent as Bryan, best friends with Chris and Tala, he's Chris's tag-team partner for the tournament. Unsure of how to tell his partner what he feels.
-Back row, left: Katria Wellington (c) to Annika Preminyer on, 16, Brooklyn's good friend, the daughter of a famous actress who died when she was small.
-Back row, middle: Jeika Zeirich (c) to WerecatRei on, 17, tag-team partner to Jade. A playboy, Tala's 'rival' in many ways, cheerful, teasing, is very fond of Jade.
-Back row, right: Jade (c) to WaitingForYesterday on, 15, fights to pay the hospital bills for her older bro. Sensible and sensitive, quite shy, keeps Jeika in line, trustworthy.

*Phew*! Coloured version coming soon hopefully.

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