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YAY! BEST PIC EVEEER! (that i've done XD)
I'm so proud of this!! (full page wooo!)
And this is also why i needed my phone fixing - just look how much better the image turns out instead of on webcam!
^^ *is chuffed*

The girl I have no idea who she is... any suggestions for names?
And the boy is Tyrone (Yup - i made him a fairy this time! ^^)
This is kinda like my attempt to encourage more OC's and just random stuff done with them - and of course for people to have a go at em so that you can take part in my newest world character mayhem but it's still under construction XD lol!
And it's just making a point that stories can be made regardless of who your character was ment to be :) I mean, come on, surely anyone can guess Tyrone isn't actually inclined that way - he's too Ukish! XD But yeah...

I just drew this today... my bro watched the first half (pencil outlines) then got bored, then ages later (this pick took like 5 hours!! 0_0 nonestop lol!) my mum watched me ink the first half then went to work, so yeah! lol!

But i have just drawn then inked... urm... i'm gunna colour later... (or maybe the rest of the night? :S) and upload colour version tomorrow... urm... but could someone have a go at colouring it as well? It'd be really awesome if you would!! ^^ Just tell me if you do and obviously don't take all credit haha!

Anyway, hug/fave/ if ya like PLZ COMMENT! :) Even if it's only short 'kay? :)
And criticise of course! ^^

Okay, i'll shaddap now :)
XxX Chaz XxX

P.S. This one's for cause i felt like it ^^

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
boy, fairy, fairys, fantasy, girl, love, midnite, moon, night, oc, stars
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