Clozimodo (Fan Art Portfolio) Midnite Lovers - Colour

Midnite Lovers - Colour

>< The colours don't show up right on my phone so i had to use webcam again! I promise, the colours do look better normally - stupid webcam killed it AGAIN!!!

Gah! I'm no good at colouring, i prefere the black and white version but meh...
Just a reminder, the characters are mine :)
The dude's Tyrone ^^
The girl's called Floura by RikuisHOT! ^^ I like it :P

I... dunno what else to say :S
I'm gunna dedicate this to blue, cause I've only done one before, for her, and that was cause it was a contest, and well, i've known you quite some time so yeah! :) This un's for blue!

I think there's one or two other people i still need to dedicate summat to, but first i need a decent pic for em XD
(It's cause they always comment etc...)

If i don't do one for ya - don't take it personally it'll just be that i forgot your name or something XD (i've got a VERY bad memory!)
And YES! i have finished my room so now i can start working on the wierd collab with pocky and anyone else!! :)
Please check it out and join! ^^

okay... i'll go now :)
XxX Chaz XxX
P.S. Criticism/hugs/faves/comments go a long way! :)
But my brother's already pointed out their wierd noses and how odd the girl looks BLAH! >< first attempt on fairy's tho so i'm happy - and i'll eventually get better on side drawings ^^
Any other things people wont to point out, please! say so! :)
Okay! BAI! xx

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