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Zouski - Reference
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Before anyone complains, this is a reference for a later contest i'm gunna hold (very likely at least) and there'll be a few more like this...
This is also to give Pocky an idea about what i mean by showing us the OC so we can get an idea of em lol! ^^
I know it's not brill, i just wanted to get this one done quickly, and it went really wierd cause i was listening to 4 lion king songs on repeat all the time did this! >< lol! XD
1) Hakuna Matata
2) Be Prepared
3) Not one of us
3) My lullaby
haha! lol! (they're from 1 + 2)

Oh! Right, the pic *grins*
Character Profile (for future contest entrants ^^)
Name: Zouski (duh)
age: 19
Sexuality: Bi normally, but you can change if ya want lol! ^^
Height: Only 5'7" one of my shortest OCs
Weight: ??? slim XD
Attitude: Smily and cocky. Also a major smart arse - he really is actually smart! He's also very sure of himself and a lil' vain :D (major poser! He imagines his future job as a model!! XD) Oh, and beware, don't disrupt his kitchen - he's a clean freak.
Attitude: Doesn't mind having the odd fight every now and again :)
Weapon(s): Martial arts, as well as using a wind created (magic) spear
Style: Freestyle! Anything and everything, all over the place.
Behaves around others: Just a sensible idiot basically :)
Other: He's an empath - he can "read" minds, and sense things ^^

There ya go! Hope ya don't mind it! ^^
XxX Chaz XxX
P.S. I know some of the profiles are wierd but the OCs were originally made for BL/Shounen ai/yaoi (depends XD) that i'm doing (mate started me with it haha! Curse him! - Yes! HIM!) *ahem* Anyway, i'll go now!
Be sure to comment! XxX C XxX

It's for Trin cause your forever talking to me and the others need a break XD
Gah! I right too much! >

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boots, green, meh, reference, ribbon
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