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Maximum Ride
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Maximum Ride series = BEST BOOK SERIES EVER


Bleh. I had a whole cation typed up, and then my internet died. CURSE YOU, TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS!

Anywho, this is Max, from the series Maximum Ride, which has to be one of the most amazing book series I've EVER read. It's basically about a group of kids who have bird DNA grafted into their genetic makeup, so they have wings. They've escaped the place they were 'created', the School, and now have to fend for themselves without their savior who got them out. And since the School wants them back, they've sent Erasers, half man/half wolf hybrids, to get them back.

Truthfully, I'm not quite sure why I drew this, other then I really like the series. >.>

My friend just returned the fourth book to me, so I reread it, checked 'the Blog', and now am hooked, yet again, on MR.

First book- Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

For anyone who's interested in finding the book series (AND YOU SHOULD BE), James Patterson wrote them. Don't look so surprised, this is his first 'kid' book. However, it can't be qualified as a 'kid' book because I've heard cases of adults (my mom actually read the first book) and college students getting hooked on Max Ride.

I guess I really drew it to practice wings. I drew this before my 'No Longer Alone' picture so the wings... aren't too great. I've been practicing wings recently because I've never been very good at drawing them. I have to say I think this isn't a half-bad attempt.


Sketchiness intended. C:

I'd like to dedicate this to two people: KeybladeMewKasa (again) because she's read the series and knows how amazing it is, and to tokyopurinchan, for just bein' cool. ;]

Maximum Ride Fan Art
angel, bird dna, experiment, fang, gazzy, hybrid, iggy, james patterson, max, max ride, maximum ride, nudge, the flock, the gasman, total, wings
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