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Tyrone's Reference
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Woooo! I figured out how to re-size images!!! :D
Thanks for trying to help though blue! xx ^^
Anywho, time to say a LOT XD (good look readers! - It was copied and pasted from previous attempts haha! - cause i'm lazy! ^^)
- Oh! and sorry if it looks a bit... sketchy... cause it sorta is haha!

Wow! I can now use a scanner! (even though it takes an hour a piece! - so rubbish T_T)
Though, cause i haven't actually used one before stupid moi, chopped of a part of the side lol! oh well, it was a first try ^^
But yeah! This is Tyrone's "How to" reference lol!
His lashes on the zoomed version of the eye look big cause my bro decided to fall over me (idiot) (i draw on the floor lol) he looks like he's got extensions lol! oh well! ^^
Also, Ty does have the ribbons but you just can't see it in the middle pick, and sorry his stomach and stuff went weird haha! XD lol!

Right now his character profile (for future contest entrants)
Name: Tyrone (duh)
age: 17
Sexuality: Me and my friends argued when i first made him so he's bi but more gay haha! (she wants him bi for herself!! He wants him gay for himself! lol!) But you can change that if ya like lol! (don't worry - some are straight!)
Height: Only 5'6" 1/2 (just a tad smaller than Zouski)
Weight: ??? Skinny XD
Attitude: Cold and uncaring. He's quiet almost all the time but when he does talk it's usually to call someone (usually Zouski) a Baka. Otherwise he nods.
He's a higher up in an assassination organization and Zouski's his subordinate regardless of age cause this rebel delivers :D
Attitude: Actually prefers not to fight but can kick ass when needed.
Weapon(s): Martial arts and normally any weapon. Though he favours guns (2) and 2 blades.
Style: Reverse style. Basically, he's got skill. He tends to fight stealthily however due to lacking in physical strength.
Behaves around others: Quiet and "cold" - Only really close friends call him caring and loyal.
Other: Is capable of using powerful elemental skills based around Luna Power/magic, but the timings have to be perfect, otherwise...

YUP! This Ty is nothing compared with the baby Ty I always draw - have fun with him lol!
Oh and this is for blue cause she made me laugh (Jess and pinching/punching XD) and cause you asked ^^

XxX Chaz/Clozi XxX

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