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Rei Uruhara for FUNimation
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......Not too impressed with the fanart that I made this time. I kinda rushed this one. But anyways, this is my half of the art trade I did with FUNimation. Wooh! Her oc person Rei Uruhara. I'm not very good at drawing other people's ocs and stuff so sorry if this isn't exact. Um...not sure what you use to spell her first and last name so I kinda just had Rei in kanji and uruhara in hiragana. Reason why I rushed? Cause my brain suddenly became filled up with all sorts of crazy ideas that I just had to draw out beforeI forgot. I wonder what it's called when you have a mess of ideas that are just waiting to be drawn out or something....It's like my fanart called my magical thoughts. Yeah, that one was popular kinda even though it was just a mess of ideas put together. Well, sorry about this Fun-chan! Saku-chan deeply apologizes. If you want I can re-do this one if you don't like it. But even if this is pretty shitty, as always, PLEASE HUG/COMMENT! KUDASAI! Much appreciated. Arigato and jaa ne!

And I now challenge you to a game of ISpy. Find the following: 3 r(s), 2 u(s), 1 e, 1 i, 1 h, and 2 a(s). If you find em all free request for you.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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