Clozimodo (Fan Art Portfolio) I'll miss you... Black & White

I'll miss you... Black & White

This is the black and white version of basically... a "goodbye and we'll miss you for the time you've gone" for blue.
It's Zouski all mopy cause of the story so far...

Urm... If you'd like to join in the story and just random stuff we're doing just pm me or comment with an OC you'd like to use to join with.
Although it has to be an original character who isn't a fan character (like from naruto or something) cause then there's more freedom with what to do...
It's a fun thing to do if your bored and you don't have to be like, amazing at drawing. Just willing to take part in random stories we start off.
So if your interested. PM or comment, and check it out or whatev here. It's still being done up and everything but for the time being just bear with how... bland the bg and stuff is heh...

But yeah!
I am hopefully gunna be able to colour this before i go out today... Urm...
And yeah! We'll miss ya blue! Get in touch asap! lol!

XxX Chaz XxX
P.S. Sorry if the pick's not brill... i did it thru the night so yeah... ¬_¬
Oh and it's this small cause of stupid dimensions and file-size so i had to upload it somewhere else that makes your pics loads smaller >_>

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
black and white, love, oc, pencil, sad
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