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So...yeah, I beat Fire Emblem! Yes!! And...well, when Sephiran was explaining his whole evil plan I kept say ," This world is rotten. Just as planned. I am Kira." because it completely sounded like a smarted Light. Yes, smarter....odd to think of that but, he is. His plan is more complex, or more simple, he explains it to seem more complex. He was planning on killing everyone in the world so that there will no longer be any wars and so that his daughter will always be safe.....so let me see....if he were in Death Note...what would he be, Vice President? If he had the Death Note, he'd kill anyone and everyone probably starting with the criminals. Of course, he probably wouldn't be suspected as Kira since he's so powerful. Then he'd have Zelgius do whatever he needed just like Mikami...and he would never be afraid like Light. Probably when he is figured out he say ," Yes, you've found me. I'm Kira. So, are you going to kill me? Send me to prison? Both ways I win, which I am sorry for. But, of course, it had to be done. My work will stay in progress even as I rot in jail, and if you kill me, that'd just add to my destruction." Yes, yes, genius!!! So, I drew him next to Light...although Light looks too kiddish and cute, which is not like him. I tried to make him look all mad and serious and still keep that youthful face in him, but it didn't work. Oh well...

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kira, lehran, light, sephiran
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