Fire Fox Sakurie (Fan Art Portfolio) Final Sanctuary

Final Sanctuary
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Part 01 of my art trade with Sayura-chan. ^^

Again, taken with a camera so the quality's not as good. TT.TT I added the snow-like effect on GIMP to help making it look better though. ^^;;

This is a picture of Riiya and Sakurie in chibi form, sitting (or floating) on a staircase. Major fail on the staircase/ background. x___x
Oh! Look look! They're holding their dear plush toys! lol Riiya's holding a Cloud plush, and Sakurie's is Riku. ^^

Ehhhhh.... I went overboard with the GIMP brushes that my cousin sent me. Heh.. oops.

The whole thing is suppose to give that Sanctuary effect so hopefully that worked out okay. I hope you like it Sayura-chan. ^^ Hope everyone else like it as well!

Riiya - aragorn1014
Sakurie - Fire Fox Sakurie (my character)

Thanks so much for the votes/comments/favs/subscriptions everyone! ^__^

-- アリス

EDIT: After the 2nd part of this art trade, I'll be posting less artwork of fan characters since they seem to be taking up most of the series section. ^^;; If there's any requests on any specific character, let me know!

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