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Thanks for the clothes, Sakura~
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This was just a doodle that I was doing^o^[YES, on looseleaf >>;] I drew Arai wearing Sakura's outfit because I felt like it =] Maybe because she's ma fave female NARUTO character as well. I'm probably gonna end up drawing her in the other kunoichi's outfits too^ ^ Hmmm, who to be next? o:

Anyhow, about what could possibly be happening in the pic...err...hmm, alright, got it x3
What would you do if you were out on a mission far away from any kind of civilation and you've just been in a crazy fight. Now all of your clothes are torn, wrecked and just plain UNWEARABLE. And there's only one girl in your formed team with you that has extra clothes packed. So, missy, whacha gonna do? BORROW THE CLOTHES OF COURSE!

Sakura: Here, Arai. Take these and get dressed. I'll be right here making sure none of those sneaky boys are looking in -w-;;
Arai: Thanks Sakura~^ ^
~5-10 minutes later~[Arai is now fully dressed]
Arai: Alright! I'm done, Sakura~!
Sakura: *turns and looks at Arai, now fully dressed. She frowns at one thing. Arai's headband is on her FOREHEAD[ duh? o-o;;]* Arai Arai Arai *she shakes her head and laughs a bit* Take off your headband and give it to me, please.
Arai: Eh...sure? *takes off her headband and hands it to Sakura* I donno where you're going with this, though ._______.;
Sakura: Just sit on this log for me-3-;;
Arai: >>; O.K. *sits on the log that Sakura is behind. Sakura combs Arai's hair and puts it in proper high pigtails. She takes out one of her own green headbands and ties it on Arai head like how she ties it on her head*
Sakura: There ya go! Looking beautiful^ ^
Arai: Eh..thanks~!^o^
*The boys pass by and stop to look at Sakura and Arai who now look like fraternal twins*[The Boys=Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba and Shino](Hinata is training at the Hyuuga manor with Neji :])
Naruto: Hey Arai!!! Hi Sakura!!! Did you know you two look alike right now?!!
Sakura: *sarcastically* Oh gee, Naruto. I never knew that. Thanks for letting me know >>;; IDIOT
Arai: ^w^;;
Naruto: You look cute, Arai-chan~! Right Kiba?!
Kiba: Eh- o///o Yea. She looks really cute...honestly, you do^///^ *he blushes a bit then turns his head*[*shot* XD]
[And that's where this picture comes in :D]
Arai: *slightly blushes*^///^ Thanks, you guys~ That's sweet =] *turns to Sakura* Thanks for the clothes, Sakura~
Yea, long post -3-;; But I felt like talking :]...Well, I always feel like talking but you get ze picture~! ^3^

Oh, and her eyes came out a bit too dark when I was coloring it aqua green[Riku's eye color]owo;; And her left arm came out weirdish^ ^;; as well as her hips/waist x-x;; They're not curvy enough but I still enjoy looking at this piccy x3 Arai is just so adorable~! =D

Uhmm...I think that's it =] Enjoy the colored doodle that I then traced over with a Sharpie :>

Arai Takameshi + Art(c) Me
NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto-sama~! :D

Take care~!♥ =]
I love my style<3 x3

Naruto Fan Art
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