Annachuu (Fan Art Portfolio) Sweet Pool Countdown (6 Days Left)

Sweet Pool Countdown (6 Days Left)
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<a href="">My contribution</a> to the <a href="">Sweet Pool fanart countdown</a>. Sweet Pool is a new BL game by Nitro+CHiRAL, the creators of
咎狗の血 and Lamento.

PERSPECTIVE of DOOM! Perfect example of why you shouldn't leave out focal points and eye levels OTL But anyway, I decided to draw all 6 of the mains, since there's only 6 days left to go. (sorry, no megane-sensei OTL) I hope you guys can recognise who's who, I think I kinda screwed up Kouhei, I'm sorrrry TAT 8D <strike>The bricks around the pool looks like opal</strike> I had the colour blue in mind the whole while when drawing the pic (must be the song "I'm in <b>Blue</b>" *shot*) Kouhei's wondering why he's the one bartending while the others are enjoying themselves :'D That's a Pina Colada bottle he's holding, but the colour of the liquor looks like something dodgy XDDD Zenya's drinking Sunrise Tequila.

If I was listening to KUIMIX, you'd get something more... Hawaiian/Carribean *shot* I originally wanted to draw them at a casino, but I didn't have the time TAT I also actually wanted to fill the pool with sweets, but I thought against it :'D

Youji, Tetsuo, Makoto, Zenya, Kouhei and Kunihito from Sweet Pool © Nitro+CHiRAL

Sweet Pool Fan Art
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