fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) We're going to fall~!

We're going to fall~!
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Yeaa, this was a sketch I was doing in class and my friends were going crazy for it. Especially Alexis XDD She kept going "LAMINATE IT!!! I WANNNT ITTT!! Or a least a friggin copy!!"
*My legs in the pic are horribly positioned but it was because I made Christian a bit too short and I didn't feel like changing my legs AGAIN so yea^.^; I had to make him taller some how =] And Christian's shoulders should be broader x3*

Anyhow^ ^;
Two people in the picture, yes. Can you guess who they are? =] Ok, let's not use too much brain power now^ ^ It's me and my very, very close friend, Christian.[I'll try to redo it on looseleaf and color it^ ^]It's kind of amazing how we don't go out yet, actually XDD Because I'm deeply in love with him as he is[I think]with me. This piccy I drew completely based on what happened on Tuesday. Wanna hear the story? Yes? Cool =]

I'm in Jazz Band, Symphonic Band and Marching Band Advanced. The top three bands in my first year of high school since I started high school in September. Pretty cool being that I'm the only Freshman in Jazz Band 8D Anyways!^3^;; It's third period and I went to get my Alto Saxophone case[which I've been playing for quite some time. This is my 6th year actually]to set it up before I went to the Auditorium with the other 119 Marching Band Adv. students to practice for the Holiday Concert[December 10+11] I'm walking with my case and out of no where Christian comes behind me, wraps his arm around my stomach and kisses me on my cheek. He wasn't standing straight so while I was giggling[GIGGLING{I never giggle}] I said "Christiaannn~! We're going to fall! XD" Luckily we didn't fall because Christian has amazing grip and reflexes^.^

So that's where this came from =]
Many people think me and Christian go out[I wish >///>] But when me and friends are talking about it, it somehow always leads to the thing where I play the Alto Sax and he plays the Flute XDD But he's such a smexy flute player X3

I talk too much^3^;; Ah well. I wanted to put something up since I haven't in a while.

Christian(c)Uhm, well Christian^ ^;

Take care loves~!^ ^

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christian, crush, fhhs, fire.freak, love, marching band advanced, michka, we're going to fall~!
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