fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) You came~!*sparkle sparkle*

You came~!*sparkle sparkle*
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Yea. Another in-class doodle I did about what happened Wednesday night X3 I'm starting to do a lot of doodles about me and Christian o///o But anyways, let's just get to the story^ ^;[This is heading straight to drafts in a few days. Maybe the other one too]

So here's the scenario~! :D[It's not that interesting compared to the first one and the next one I'll put up X3] It's the first day of my Holiday Concert at school[It a 2-day Concert] The Symphonic Band is a-go today! I'm in the Symphonic Band so I had to be there on Wednesday. Now Christian didn't. He's in Concert Band and Marching Band which are both on Thursday. So Christian went home after he saw me and told me bye[this is at 2:50PM] Now at 10PM[The end of the concert] I see Christian in the band room and I tacklehug him and then look at him with what my friend said was "sparkling, compassionate and extremely happy o-O" eyes. Mainly sparkling x3 and I say really loud "You came~!!♥" He chuckles and says "Yea. I just got here 20 minutes ago" ^ ^; And then I look at him and he has the cutest smile I've ever seen!! So I kinda, I think, blushed and said "I'm really glad you came...♥" Hehe and that's where this pic is X3

Hurrah for learning about what goes on in my life~ :D

Michka+Art (c) Me
Christian (c) Christian^ ^;
Life (c) Me and Christian^-^;;

Just submitting because I don't know when's the next time I will^ ^;;
Take care loves~!♥

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christian, crush, fhhs, fire.freak, holiday concert, love, michka, you came~!
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