fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Meh. Sketchy doodles of KH2 Kiyoko~

Meh. Sketchy doodles of KH2 Kiyoko~
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As the title says, some sketchy doodles of KH2 Kiyoko. I did this innnn...uhmmm...I think it was Italian class?? Yea, the class I do the least work and care about the least X3 *hates Italian class =.=;;* But ignoring my boring rantings about Italian- behond: Kiyoko Valentine! KH2 form. Or at least her head^ ^; Whatever she's wearing in the bottom left corner doodle isn't what she wears in KH2. I just wanted to draw something there. And yes yes. Once again on looseleaf paper[can't get rid of that stuff^ ^;;]

I love the goggles 8D Of course this was just a doodle thing so I drew them as fast as humanely possible so they don't look that great^.^;; But, hey, I still like 'em =] I love her eyes too X3 Whoo~ drawing those eyes are kinda fun =]

Mmm, lastly. That bottom right corner pic- :] "The name's Kiyoko~! Memorize it!" Does it remind you of something? No? Yes? Well 'Yes' is right!
I know Sayura knows exactly what I'm talking about XDD All insiders included :] All X3

Anyhow, enjoy this as you will. This might be sent straight to drafts after a month or two[or so .____.;;] I just really like how the top right one came out =]

Kiyoko Valentine+Art (c) Me
Kingdom Hearts (c) SQUARE ENIX

Bleh. "Take care loves~!♥" is getting a bit old XP
Catch ya lata~

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