fire.freak (Fan Art Portfolio) Miyoko- Dance to the sound~

Miyoko- Dance to the sound~
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Meh~ Why does a pencil sketch of this piture look so blotchy?? : I would have thought that it would look like...a pencil sketch o-o Haha, I keep telling myself that I'm going to put the uncolored, blotchy pictures I have in my portfolio into drafts but I don't like drafts so I most likely wont Ox

Anyways, it's kinda hard to see but try. The thing around her legs that look like some type of skirt is see-through.

For the most part I like her outfit :] Best part. I didn't reference this pic~ :D
Pose=mine[I thought about the pose than drew it]
Hair style=[completely random]but still mine

This is for Akiooooh~ When we were talking about outfits/costumes that ppl would wear for the dance fest, I was imagining Miyoko's costume. I really like the costume =] I donno why, I just love it~<3 X3

Hey Akioh. What was the theme of the dance festival/performance again?? o-O Because I kind of went with a fairy-ish look...I think o-o;..

Meh. I'll color it so that you can get a good sense of the costume mooorrre. And so that it doesn't looks so blotchy XP *hugs*

Fire Emblem Fan Art
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