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Alice and Izzy~
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For those who have no idea who these two lovely girls are, you obviously didn't read two parts of my latest journal world entry, which are random, when I was around 9, I created Alice, but not Izzy when I was obsessed with Ben 10...after I started to dislike it, I got rid of Alice, but now that I'm officially loving Ben 10: Alien Force, I modified everythign about alice and brought her back with another oc for the show of mine, Izzy(Isabell, but everyone prefers calling her Izzy)'s not fair! There aren't any OCs in the section! It's not stinkin fair! >_<

Alice:Izzy, try to control your temper, besides there are unfortunately not many Ben 10 fans here...and to anyone who's reading this, could you give us a warm welcome on here? Considering we'll be kind o-of lonely in the Ben 10 section...

Age:15(in this pic, I might draw her when she's an adult, too)
Hair color:Dark brownish-black
Eye color:Jungle Green
Love interest:....*cough,hack* Ben *cough*
History:Alice was abandoned at the age of 9 with her twin sister Izzy. Her father was careless and her mother died when they were born. Alice was born with the abilities to manipulate water and ice/snow, but she was born with a trait that only happened to females in her family about every 150 years:when she couldn't control her anger or pain, she went into a beserk form where she couldn't control herself, she was practically a monster in that state, but every time she gets knocked out, she reverts to her normal self. More will be explained later...

Name:Isabella(Izzy is her nickanme)
Hair color: Dark brownish-black dyed bluish-teal at the front
Eye color:Sap green
Love interest:None
History:The same thing as Alice....more will be explained later...

Also, did I mention Izzy teases Alice all the time about her and Ben-kun? XD And Alice is supposed to be only around 2 inches shorter than Izzy, but I messed up oh well...

Ben 10 Fan Art
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