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I know, I know. This looks tragic and all. I'm practicing my tragic scenes so tell me what you think please! I want to improve on tragic scenes because tragic=dramatic and drama makes me happy :] Sometimes >>;; When I'm watching TV and crazy movies that have so much things going on...SO HOW DOES IT LOOK?? TRAGIC-WISE AS WELL! Please and thank you so much~^ ^

Anyways, my little bro got me PKMN Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness and I love the storyline for some odd reason o-O I even wrote all of it down as I go by because I'm planning to turn it into my own Pokemon Gijinka Manga[as I wrote in a post on my world] The hero[who I play as]is a Charmander and I named her Mimi because the game is Pokemon based and anything Pokemon based, I throw in Mimi. Now my partner is Pikachu and throughout the game[I'm up to Chapter 11 I think .___. And there are 19 Chapters plus 7 Post Endings]Pikachu is soooo~o sweet to Mimi! It's like they made this a HeroXPartner game! Pikachu saves Mimi in any ways that he can and he is always out to help her find the secret about her past and why she can't remember anything. Also why she keeps getting "Dizzy Spells"*cough*TheDimensionalScreamwhichallowshertoseethepastandfuture,onlyobtainedbyPokemon*cough*
Anyways, since the game makes it seem like a HeroXPartner and since I'm the hero and Pikachu is my partner I wanted to do a Gijinka picture of Charmander Mimi, injured, telling Pikachu to be safe in the other world where he has a dangerous task to do. And at a point where he wouldn't hear her or lip read what she's saying, she lastly says that she loves him~ :'> I love this game just b/c of the adorableness X3

DON'T GET ME WRONG, MIMI IS COMPLETELY GARY-OWNED[Or maybe Gary is Mimi owned ;3]But like I've been saying, this game seems to be Pro HeroXPartner

BY THE WAY! The pose was inspired from a recent picture Fire Fox Sakurie had drawn. When I went to play the game, something like this popped in my head so here it is. Credit to Sakurie-san!^o^ And a thanks to Hayake for reminding to give Sakurie-san the credit for inspiration of posing~

I'm sucha loser~♥^o^

Gijinka Mimi (c) Me :]
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (c) Nintendo

Pokemon Fan Art
elis, mimi, mimi elis, pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers, tragic end?
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