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Get well soon, sis!
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*EDIT* 1/04/09
What Kiyoko is saying is:
The big words on the left side: "No time to be sick, nee-chan! Not when your imoto-chan is almost the full 9 months pregnant! These twins could pop out at any moment and as much as they need to see mommy and daddy, I want them to see you. My sister. So get better! I love you!♥^-^"
The small words right above her right shoulder: "I feel kinda fat...o-o;"
Lastly, the small words on the right of her high ponytail: "Heehee~ It feels like they're playing soccer in there. Teehee~♥"

Aww~ Preggy Kioko =] Just how adorable is she?? With twins X3[I always make a family that has twins in it. Haha. I don't know why. My family generation has never had twins in it. Anywhere^ ^;]

Another thing to point out. This is a pencil sketched piccy. May I repeat? Pencil sketched piccy. That's odd to me because all my pencil sketched piccy's always come out terrible. Then again, I did change something I did with the scanner so I guess I'm just scanner-stupid^w^; Anyways, to the point of drawing this:

I was doodling this while IMing Sayura on MSN and she told me that she was sick. So while IMing her when she got back I told her about me doodling this pic. My first idea for this was Kiyoko walking in as the nurse bringing Riiya soup and antibiotics and wishing her a 'Get Well Soon'. I ended up drawing Kiyoko, pregnant with twins, telling Riiya that she has to get well soon because she wants Riiya to be one of the first people to see the newborns in the hospital instead of being the one in the hospital getting treated for being sick.

I know, I know. You told me to stop drawing things for you, Sayura-nee but your mai sis and I can't help it^ ^ You have no idea how many things I draw for my brother daily x-x;; 3 pics every few hours. 10 pics a day. Ohgeez. Lol^ ^ Plus, you're sick. Get well soon, eh?^-^ Because if the twins are born and Riiya isn't right outside the room waiting for the doctors to let her in, Kiyoko will be sad :[ Or mad o-O Or both?? Or just plain tired^ ^;; Think of this as something I made to make something clear =] Good idea, no? Yes? Yes =]

Oh. Lastly, I think we all know who daddy is 8] Or at least some of us XP Yay~ Out comes 2 more pyromaniacs XD As if the other 2 weren't enough^3^;;...{OhGod...Vincent is gonna shoot up daddy! O-O[I just now thought about it haha. Poor dad. Who said Fatherhood would be easy?^3^]}

Teehee~ fatty Kiyoko X3

Kiyoko Valentine + Art (c) Me
Dad and Kingdom Hearts (c) SQUARE ENIX

Enjoy~ even though it's just a pencil sketch^ ^[A non ink-like blotchy pencil sketch :'D]

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