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Beserk Forms
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Oh god this is made of nothing but FAIL! Fail I tell you! So, this is gong in drafts later...anyway, it's Alice's and Izzy's beserk forms! Well, unfortunately they don't really look beserk...but at least they look a tiny bit...serious and/or creepy, right? Well, I think you can easily tell who's beserk form is who's if you know the fact that Alice can manipulate water and ice, while Izzy can manipulate plants. Um....I still haven't thought of a name for the two alien species(yes, Alice and Izzy are part alien), and there isn't much info I made up about them. Er...for the species Alice turns into, they're supposed to be a bit fish-like, but at the same time a tiny bit...dragon/human like. They have fish tails underwater, but that tail actually hides a pair of legs on land. They, um...*blushes a tiny bit*they sexually reproduce, but rumour has it that evry 20 years the females reproduce asexually...don't kill me, please! Er...please don't kill me for saying that, I'm sorry! It was hard for me to make "Alice" look fish-like and human-like and dargon-like all at the same time for some reson...moving on.

Now, for the species Izzy turns into:they are overall supposed to be like...a humanoid alien...plant....thing. They are very agile and while the male's 'skin' is hard as rock(in fact even harder), the females' skin isn't as tough. The race is mostly made up of females, about 60% in fact. There are other stuff I'm too lazy to type, and again with something that would most likely get me killed...The females reproduce asexually every 20 years... once again, don't kill me! Hm..."Izzy's" expression looks a tiny bit creepy, doesn't it?

And, um...once again, don't kill/flame me, for saying that stuff about their reproduction cycles! Blame the sort of pervy side of me! And also...I decided that one day, Izzy and(maybe) Alice are scared that they're losing control of...something...and they unwillingly transform into their beserk forms, some...stuff happens think I better stop that before everyone whose reading this right now decides to beat me senselessly. And yes, I got that as inspiration from an episode from Ben 10 Alien Force! Um...I don't think any of you want to know what happens exactly in that episode, but if you do find out...don't say I didn't warn you!

And to anyone who I owe pics, I'm REALLY sorry to keep you waiting!

Ben 10 Fan Art
alice, aliens, beserk, fail, forms, izzy, oc
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