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Mew Ninjin~
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Finally, Mew Ninjin!

AAAAAGH! I made him look like a fattie! I'm so sorry, Ninjie! He isn't a fattie in real life. I accidentally did that because I tried to make him have muscles.


Dedicated to Iggy-sama! She completely came up with the whole outfit. If you want to show everyone the original art, please do! I want everyone to see how FREAKIN' HOT he is supposed to be.

Bio Time----


Name: Ninjin Sukarettorutogo
Translation: carrot scarlet-root
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs.
Eye Color: dark red
Hair Color: red (he's a carrot-top! X3)
Birthday: June 13
Personal: Ninjin is on the same soccer team as Nasu, and they were buddies. When Nasu turned into a mew, he tricked Ninjin and Ninjin got turned into a Mew too. Ninjin is really mad at Nasu for making him a mew. He does not like his outfit because he is convinced all mews are strippers, and now he looks like a stripper. He joins in battles halfheartedly and usually in group shots, he tries to stay in the back so people won't see his outfit. He often -pouts- sulks. Many people call him Ninjie or Turnip-Head as affectionate nicknames, but of course it enrages him. His temper is as fiery as his hair.
Skills: coming soon
Hobbies: coming soon
Love Interest: he's SINGLE ladies ;D


Name: Mew Ninjin
Colors: scarlet w/orange
Eye Color: orange
Hair Color: scarlet
Mark Location: midline of face, the hairline
Animal DNA: Kubusi Stream Damsel (it's a dragonfly)
Weapon: Ninjin Toronbon (carrot trombone)
Attack(s): Ribbon~ Ninjin Chromatic
Ninjin plays the chromatic scale on his trombone. As he plays, the notes fly out of his bell at the enemy. The lower they are, the colder they are; the higher they are, the hotter they are.
The bad thing about his attack is that the notes don't do much damage on their own.

Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Art
carrot, mew, mew ninjin, tokyo mew mew
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