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The Hair Straightener

This is an artwork for jamo's challenge for OCs drawn realistically in an everyday situation. Wells, in drawing, it still looked anime, so with this pic I did something different and colored it with realistic textures and stuff, so I hope that compensates for that X3

This is a far future scene that I would like to have in my YYH Beyond! series (although, until I can figure out how in Japan the girl would have a reason for the school to allow her to work...this is just a fun side scene)

The girl is Natsuko, Kurama and Midori's daughter (Midori is Genkai's grand neice) and is at work. The boy is Kojiko, Kuwabara and Yukina's son (wah! I didn't intend his outfit to look like his dad's school uniform, I've been trying to get the kids to look a different generation from their parents-he was suppose to have a polyester suit here...blue was just the color I came up with...if it is his dads old school clothes...then notice the addition of flair to the pants XD) Wah, both kids look too much like their dads in this -_- But the sparkels around Kojiko are always there, after seeing FMA, I decided that Kuwabara would raise his son so chivilrous, that he would naturally sparkle like Armstrong, lol, I then later learned Chris Sabat voiced both Kuwabara and Armstrong...which adds to the lovely comparison X3 (for realistic purposes, just think there's really tiny wires sticking out of his hair, holding up the sparkles)

So while Natsuko is at the cash register, Kojiko comes through in a hurry with an item. It is a hair straigtener. Natsuko picks it up and raises and eyebrow at Kojiko about him buying this girly product.

Kojiko claims that he's buying it for his sister, Fonaruk. Fonaruk always has straight hair, so Natsuko doesn't buy his story and thinks he's going to attempt to straigten his own hair.

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Art
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