Tenrousei (Fan Art Portfolio) Ragdolls: Soviet Sphere of Influence

Ragdolls: Soviet Sphere of Influence

One of the few Hetalia fanarts I do with social/historical implications. I was at work today, and as per usual, started drawing. This picture was inspired by the theatre playing Coraline (good movie, better book) next to me. The picture was supposed to have them with button eyes, but in the end, I couldn't do it. XD It was too fine. >_>

This was supposed to be a kind of twisted sort of cute, but apparently it just turned out to be cute. T_T It features Russia sitting on the other nations that made up the USSR's sphere of influence as ragdolls of sorts.

As much as I'm a socialist, I have to say that the way that these nations were treated was abominable, thus the picture. I don't think I'm a very good satirist. XD Some nations were added to make it look more complete, but they were still all under Soviet rule, basically.

From the left to right, the nations are Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Poland was the first to gain full independence, I think, and riots and protests in the others followed soon after. The only one I'm really clear on is the uprising in Hungary, since the moment they began, the Soviets immediately sent in tanks to neutralize the rebels.

I might end up colouring this, but I think it looks fairly decent in black and white.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Fan Art
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