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I Walk Alone
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Alright for tiggerola's contest. I wasn't sure I was going to even enter due to school but I just felt so bad because she went out of her way to PM me to enter so many times I just couldn't leave her hanging. So I managed to create this. I was experimenting with a new out look but I think it was an epic fail lol.

I mean I do like the results for drawing it last night. The computer did some adjusting since some lines weren't as dark as others. Plus I did more highlighting on the hair :D Yay me! Ok but I will keep getting better thanks to so much advice and help! But anyway the theme for Yoko Kurama is "I walk alone" you know by Green Day. I thought that was the perfect title for it since he is a legendary thief throughout the demon world and worked at night it made sense.

Anyway I hope you like it tiggerola and I hope it does well. It was fun entering the contest.

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Art
alone, day, demon, fox, green, green day, i walk alone, kurama, moon, night, sky, walk, yoko, yu yu hakusho
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