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LOOK! MAH SCANNER WORKS! I just have to go through a few extra steps, but I DON'T CARE!! x3
Wow, this pic is old. I signed it when I finished the line art, back in march...
Anyways, this is my character from Rock Band. (Yes, she counts as an OC since I created her look, even though she's in rock band. But... I just want to spam the Rock Band catagory too. xD jk about that lat part...) Woo! I'm back into the rock band mood!! >:D
I bet she looks NOTHING like you, huh fire.freak? xD Aaanyways, here's her character info:

Name: Michka
Age: 21 (I drew her too young. x_x;)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Special Talent: Guitar, as well as bass and singing.
Hobbies: shopping
Likes: Beauty
Dislikes: Being called a pirate. (because of the eye patch.)
Personality: Stubborn, a bit insensitive, full-of-herself
Love Interest: Zack (sometimes)

Michka is the guitarist for the not-so-well-known band, Something Impossible. She thinks she's all that. xD She's known Zack since high school, and met Loyal after she graduated. (I'll put up pics of Zack, Loyal, and Dare soon.)
Michka has a twin sister, Laetitia (lae-TISH-uh). She is the younger of the twins, and self-proclaimed "prettier" of the two. Michka's a little sour toward Laetitia, because Laetitia is more well known than She is.
Ignorant and hard-headed, Michka can often be a pain in the bottom. xD
Oh, yeah, and the eye patch is just for show. There's nothing wrong with her eye.

Rock Band Fan Art
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