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This is just a quick joke fan art. There was no attempt to give it a more indepth style or feeling. Put simply it's based off of an AIM conversation I had with Allamorph a short while ago, regarding my AIM message/status at the time. =P Once we had that conversation, I knew I had to do this, even if it's just a quickly drawn and colored sketch.

I of course used a reference via google. I'm not going to bother to link to it since it's so easy to find. lol I just haven't drawn anything in over two years so I needed something to help remind me of what Wile E. Coyote looks like. XD

It was drawn in pencil [took a few minutes]. Then I scanned it and outlined the pencil in black and colored it using Adobe photoshop elements seven. For something so simple, it still required eleven layers to keep the colors straight. o_O

Oh and I used some brushes to create the background since I figured that would look nicer than a plain white page. I may put the larger size up on my DA account, we'll see. If I do I'll come back and edit in the link. lol

Anyway, dedicated to the imp who inspired it in the first place. ._.

EDIT: And it's now at my DA account here: Shiny! I also reloaded the image since I forgot to put my name and site address on it. o_O oopsie?

Looney Tunes Fan Art
looney tunes, wile e coyote
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