Sakura Kokoro (Fan Art Portfolio) June 9~

June 9~
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I'm really surprised, I didn't really expect any bday wishes. I didn't sleep 'til 2 am this morning, heh. I'm really grateful everyone, thanks sooo much! ♥ Lol, you guys don't have to make me anything, I'm touched~~ I'll take them anyways...hahaha~ xD

*hands out ice cream cake*

Today I turn....21~~ I told my dad I'm turning 12, but he laughed, of course xD I really, really don't feel anything, same as ever for me. My cousin and my younger brother, who graduated this year((Not my cousin)) and we celebrated his graduation Saturday ((Plus, a million of other things, which is why I was gone for the while~)), said I could party and go clubbin', drink legally and stuff. I laughed at them, I'm no drinker of those, not even wine~~ Yuck! ...And I really can't picture myself dancing around going to clubs either... ;P

So, yes, celebrate everyone!! Happy Bday to all other geminis, er, anyone with the same birth date~~ ♥ ♥

((Famous celebrities' who share this birth date, that I'm familiar with: Johnny Depp, Matthew Bellamy(Muse♥), Uruha(Gazette guitarist ♥ my brother told me he shares a bday with me xD)), of course...who can forget Itachi Uchiha(rest in peace, beloved ♥ TT ^ TT)

I'd like to specially thank and dedicate this to((in no particular order ;3)): Sesshy, reirei18, Ryujin Kissaten, vivid dreams, moonlit dream, VG GRL 2000, Naomi Bear, Sesshomaru22212, Okitaru, LunaInverse, Clyne Lacus, Sketchyfella, innocent heart, Minto, Kittenlark, AnimeGal816, somegirl, krow666, and cardcaptortsuki ♥ Plus, everyone else here at, you all know who you are~~ I ♥ U (^ u ^)

Big thanks again and I hope this isn't too long...LOL~~

Naruto Fan Art
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