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Gemma Re-Design
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Aaaaaaannnnddddd, here we have Gemma!...although if you know her from before, quite a bit has changed ^-^. If you're really interested in reading her whole bio and story, check it out in my world OC House, but now I'm just going to provide you with some fun facts! :3 (and things that have chaged ^-^)

*Gemma is completely mute. Can't speak a word.
*She's now the younger sister, her being 13.
*She ALWAYS wears the scarf around her neck, because it stops her from tearing open the burn scars on her neck (was also a present from her sister)
*Gemma has a morbid fear of fire/smoke and will curl up into a ball and start crying if she sees either
*She's learning to play the piano
*She completely distrusts adults and most people (besides her "sister" Pastel). She avoids them and often runs away becuase she believes their going to hurt her.
*She carries in her little side-pouch thingy a butterfly notebook so that she is able to talk and comunicate with others (not that she does that much)

Um...yeah...those are just some fun facts :D I'll get around to posting Pastel's new design at some point, but her's is not working out as well as Gemma's ^-^. The whole time I was re-designing these charcters I kept fearing that I was somehow copying other people's characters. If I did in any way, I am SO sorry!

As usual, any hugs/comments would be much apreciated!
Thank you so much for viewing my art! ^-^

P.S. She's standing on a funny slant... :<

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
blah, cute, fan char, fan character, gemma, green, mute
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