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**EDIT** If all else fails, just comment on the concept. I know it looks bad XD
What concept you ask? Girl likes guy, guy likes girl. Girl won't let guy know girl likes guy for her own personal reasons[protection purposes+closeness]. Guy knows that girl likes guy anyways. Guy is persistent and flirtatious anyways so could care less about girl's comfort zone. Get the rest from what they're saying.

Another Paint thing~~ I have to admit...the worst I've ever drawn Kiyoko. This is some crap XDD But I did tell Sayura-nee that I was attempting my normal style on MSPaint. And I wasn't going to leave her empty handed. So even though it's really crappy[compared to how I can hand draw this] it's here^w^;; This is going to be a story later, Sayura. Brace yourself XDD

*No shading or even use of good colors intended. Just felt like doing something as passtime and practice^w^*

When I thought about the phrase "Get lost" I laughed. I just now realized how rude that phrase was!! XDD You're telling them to go and get lost somewhere, on which they won't find their way back and no one will find them either XDD That's so rude XD Lol. Nice =] I've been saying that since I was a small child and I only completely understood it now? That's kinda sad -w-;

What to say, what to say...
As my friends should know [as Sayura definitely knows because of all the long PMs and chats XDD], I like Axel =] He's a great person. A Nobody with an invisble heart, really. And to the left: that feisty little girl? That would be the OC, Kiyoko Valentine. If you don't know who she is by now [everyone who knows who she is can skip the rest of the paragraph] she is Vincent Valentine's younger sister [don't shoot me ;A;] I know she has brown hair and Vincent has black. Yes, yes. Shoot me, already. I'm not one to have black hair^ ^; I only allowed that with my DBZ OC, Kakumei. She loses her memories but regains them. And then loses them again in KH:CoM XDD And then gets them back again for good this time :> Other OCs involved with Kiyoko's storyline would be:
Riiya Kawazoe (c) aragorn1014{Sayura}
Lucy Kent (c) DetectiveDiva18{Dommi-chan}
Roy [whatever his last name may be XD] (c) moonlit dream{Akioh}/FE creators lol
and I've been considering out 3 little favorites: Sayoko, Elena and Faith! I just have to be able to place them properly -3-;; I'll do my best!
And maybe more to add =] ...maybe not? *shrugs*

BTW BTW, this takes place in KH2 when Kiyoko is being all angst and all about Vincent and not being able to find him and her thinking Vincent doesn't give a flying rat about her and her brother XDD Ohdear, why am I laughing D: Uhm...she's just upset in this b/c Axel of those lol. You know what I mean? Just, one of those. That's the best I can explain it right now XD It's 1 in the morning. Give me a break @[email protected];;


Kiyoko: Just because we're both fire doesn't mean I have to work with you or like you...
Axel: But, Kiyoko. It seems you've already taken a liking to me~
Kiyoko: ...I hate you so much, Axel...[<3]

XD Kiyoko flaring off her Vincent side. Lol. She's not only wearing black by the way. She's not emo yet lol. She's wearing a tank top that's orange with buckles on the front and straps with a black shirt under that has a hoodie[which is where the hoodie comes from. I'll see if I can do a full body of her outfit on Paint^u^. Uhm. Ok. I'm done. Lol

Dedicated to Sayura because she inspires me in everything I do :D And she gets a bonus for being my sister! X3 *hugs Sayu*

Sorry I dedicated such crap to you, Sayu-nee^ ^; But I wasn't lying when I said you inspire me in everything I do, INCLUDING Kiyel stuff X3 *half the stuff we PMed, I thought of right on spot to make a story for ya^u^ But you know that b/c I told you XD] I'll try the thinner line for you next time, Sayu^u^ Love ya, Sayura-nee! =]

I also love all of you that actually made it to the end of this very long fottnote. Kudos and hugs go out to you<333

Kiyoko Valentine + Art (c) Me[fire.freak]
Axel + KH (c) Square Enix

Good night, loves~!<3^u^

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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