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Forgive & Makeup [Message to TheOtaku]
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This is supposed to symbolize how a human heart posses both good and evil. Though we may have good intentions, we also have a bad side that tends to take over and ends up hurting you and other people, even if we don't mean to. But if we learn to balance both sides, we will be able to control ourselves and our actions and even if the scars may linger, we can help maintain peace and learn to forgive eachother.

So with that said, I have a message that I've been meaning to post earlier XD Don't take any offense to this, (I don't know why you would but) I merely want to point out a few things that's been happening around theO lately.

PLZ READ TILL THE END: I hate to bring this topic up AGAIN, I'm getting pretty tired of hearing it myself, but in case any Otaku members (and maybe staff) haven't realized yet, I'm pretty sure after like the past 3 days, most (if not, all) the artists who were involved in this immature art theft drama (which includes me) have apologized for our behavior. We deeply regret our foolish actions and thanks to a few wise people, we were able to open our eyes and realize just how stupid we acted that day, and we are truly sorry and we rly regret it.
BUT, what I DON'T understand however is that there a few (not all) people (most whom only know half of the story) are taking joy in ATTACKING us for attacking this thief. I mean, attacking someone for attacking a thief isn't going to get us anywhere either is it?
I'd rly like to remind everyone that EVERYONE makes mistakes, even adults make mistakes. Teens are no different, and keep in mind, teens are less emotionally stable than adults. There are times when our brain stops working and our crazy hormones start talking, resulting in dramatic mood swings and we tend to spaz randomly and get angry easily and do stupid things (we all have our 'moments' like icechan called it XD). That doesn't give us an excuse to act like idiots of course, don't get me wrong, we deserve to be punished for our selfish actions, that's what maturing/ growing up is about, learning from our mistakes with the help of mature and experienced adults. Teens don't always realize what they're doing and THAT is why we need you adults to help them, but don't ATTACK please. Believe it or not, I've seen some adults attack or be a bit too harsh on some artists 3 days straight. One day is enough for us to realize our mistakes, but if you continue pushing us down and making us feel even more like crap than we already do for days on end, in the end, nobody will be happy.
If you're one of those attackers, before you start trying to 'act' like an adult by lecturing people on how immature they are and how they have to be more mature next time, how 'bout you start thinking more mature as well.
Try considering that person's feelings too. Alright, we may have hurt that thief's feelings a lot and we're sorry we did, but that doesn't mean you can start attack us in return.
I mean, the REASON you're critisizing us in the 1st place is that WE were attacking someone right? So why not set a first-hand EXAMPLE by teaching us how it's done the proper way. Instead of saying "You were very immature and looked like a total idiot today you know," try uplifting and enlightening words, something like "I am sorry about what happened today. I know you must've been very upset and angry, but I believe how you acted today was not the best thing to do. I think the right thing to do was notify one of the mods peacefully about the situation, I'm sure they'd be glad to help you out. I'm sorry that it happened to you, but please be careful next time." and trust me, there were people who stood up and did the right thing, the mature way, like Kiro (UnknownRumors) she didn't call anybody names and didn't hurt anyone. She merely pointed out our actions and how we should improve/ handle the situation peacefully. She didn't attack us or call anyone names, which I thought was very respectable. I think she was the biggest (maybe only?) influence on calming people down. So let's give her a big hand *claps*
So please, no more bashing, from the both of us. The art thief has taken enough and the artists have taken enough. We've learned our lesson (hopefully so did the thief, but that's all up to her) and once again, we apologize for how we've acted that day.
I'd like to once again personally appologize for letting my anger slip on one comment that day, I promise that you won't see me involved in this kind of mess ever again.

There really was no 'bad' or 'good' side in this case. I believe we all got hurt equally and deeply. We've all gone through a lot of emotional distress. Now it's time to shake hands and forgive eachother and move on.

I'd like to thank all the members and mods that have helped calm this issue. And I want to personally thank Sayura-chan (aragorn1014, she's an absolute angel~) for being there for me when I needed help.
Thanks to these great people, this drama has settled down and hopefully, if something like this were to ever happen again (which I hope won't be the case) we will be a little smarter next time and handle it in a proper and mature matter.

theOtaku is like a 2nd home to many of us, and we all want what's best for our Otaku family. Let's hope we can still continue build our relationships together and make this site a better place everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- signed, RSRKingdomStars

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