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Anime:Mikan Enikki

I really like this anime X3 The firt time I watched this was 9 years ago O_o (It's older than that)

I didn't watched full/all episodes but I'll writ The things that I cuold remember...
The cat's name is Mikan(mican=orange fruit)and the boy is Tom :)
Mikan is really smart cat,it can talk,drew,write and walk with only 2 feet. Mikan was living with an old man b4 lives with Tom,learned how to talk when it was a lil('coz the old man was talking 2 much 2 it >_>' I think)But the old man asked it 2 not talk 2 ppl 'coz they will think it's a monster or somthing >~< errr... sorry I can't remember.
After the old man died,Mikan lived with Tom and they were akting just like big/lil brothers(I don't remember how they get together...sorry)

Any way,Tom who gives Mikan that name (u can see y lol)

Thank u >3< (sorry about the crapy writing ^_^')

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