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Souls Eclipsed
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This is a character from an RP I'm doing, and basically this guy is a necromancer heh. He's only partly my OC since like three different people control his deranged split personalities. Guess I'll do a profile on him just for the heck of it.

Name: Sevlin Eclipse

Age: 732 years old

Hair: dark blue/ almost black

Eye color: blue

Height: 5'11

Race: necromancer/ assassin

Soul count: 1720

Magic: strictly dark magic

Weapon of choice: the rings on his fingers or a staff

Split personalities: Sevlin has like around 300 different split personalities, because for each person he kills and turns into a corpse puppet, he takes on that person's psyche and original traits. Only around five personalities are seen though since he represses most of them.

Sevlin's main personality was his own before he killed someone for the first time with black magic. This one tends to be dark for the most part and morbidly flirtatious at some points. One of his major quotes from the RP was "Baby, I could eat your soul and turn you into a corpse puppet, and you'd still be pretty to me" Nearly everyone in the RP had a 'wtf' moment before we moved on.

Main likes: corpses and fruit smoothies
Main dislikes: the living in general

<_< ya that's about it.


Edit: If you fav. this place hug it <.< and is it just me or is my style morphing again @[email protected]

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