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Heidi of The Volturi
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I noticed a lack of Volturi fanart in the galleries. I guess nobody's really a fan because they don't like the Cullens? I kinda like the Volturi. I think Heidi's cute. Soon I'll draw a Jane.....done on a piece of raggedy notebook paper. Old, old, old. :D

The ornate golden hallway was quiet, empty except for one gorgeous, statuesque woman. She stared at us curiously, me in particular.
"Welcome home, Heidi," Demetri greeted her from behind us.
Heidi smiled absently. She reminded me of Rosalie, although they looked nothing alike - it was just that her beauty, too, was exceptional, unforgettable. I couldn't seem to look away.
She was dressed to emphazize that beauty. Her amazingly long legs, darkened with tights, were exposed by the shortest of miniskirts. Her top was long-sleeved and high-necked, but extremely close-fitting, and constructed of red vinyl. Her long mahogany hair was lustrous, and her eyes were the strangest shade of violet - a color that might result from blue-tinted contacts over red irises.
"Demetri," she responded in a silky voice, her eyes flickering between my face and Edward's gray cloak.
"Nice fishing," Demetri complimented her, and I suddenly understood the attention-grabbing outfit she wore...she was not only the fisherman, but also the bait.
"Thanks," She said, flashing a stunning smile. "Aren't you coming?"

-New Moon page 483

Twilight Saga and Heidi are owned by Stephenie Meyer.
Drawing by sakura dancer

The text inspired the outfit she wore.

Twilight (Series) Fan Art
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